Food shopping just got a little easier!

Take a sneak peek into our pantries and the food we can't live without! Here are a dozen of our favorites to stock into your pantry and use on a daily basis.

Dee's Pantry!

  1. Quinoa- Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals- this is a no brainer-go to- must have! Easily cooked and added to salads or made as a meal on it's own!
  2. Wheat berries- The true meaning of 'whole grain'. These beauties have a chewy, nutty, earthy flavor that makes for a great salads such as my favorite Blueberry Wheatberry Arugula Salad!
  3. Nutritional Yeast- Looking for a cheesy flavor without the dairy? Nutritional yeast adds great flavor while providing vitamin B12 (great for vegetarians and vegans).
  4. Oats- My morning glory:) Every morning I start my day with a comforting bowl of oats topped with peanut butter, blueberries, and flax.
  5. Coconut flakes - Taste of the tropics with healthy fats.
  6. Dried Fruit- What's a trail mix with out the dried fruit? Plus it can add sweetness to salads, oatmeal, and parfaits.
  7. Cayenne Pepper- Give your taste buds kick and boost your metabolism with this spice. Great flavor to almost any dish.
  8. Sun warrior protein- Soy-free vegan protein powder free of any chemicals, artificial flavoring, GMO's, and coloring.
  9. Chickpeas- This little bean is so versatile! Roast it for a sweet or savory flavor, add it to salads, or blend it up and make some creamy homemade hummus!
  10. Almond Milk-  I always have handy backup in my pantry. Newest obsession- almond milk ice cubes! Throw them right into smoothies to keep from watering it down with regular ice cubes.
  11. Raw cacao- Chocolate is always a must. The antioxidants just happen to be a bonus.
  12. Coconut oil- Pantry, bathroom, night stand draw- where is this not!? From glowing skin to delicious veggies- it's quite simply the miracle oil.

Jessica’s Pantry!

  1. Organic rolled oats - Probably my top favorite pantry item for its versatility, nutrient punch per pound, and a great price when purchased in bulk.
  2. Coconut oil - Endless uses for coconut oil! I love to melt some over whole grain bread with a sprinkle of another pantry favorite, cinnamon:) I also keep some in my bath for the perfect hair and skin moisturizer.
  3. Nutritional Yeast - Discovered this gem years ago as a teenager. Gives grains and veggies a super nutty and cheese like taste with a dose of B vitamins.
  4. Cacao powder/nibs - Need my daily dose of raw cacao - gotta get in those antioxidants;) Cacao finds its way into my oats and smoothies for a little pep in my step!
  5. Buckwheat groats - My fav gluten-free grain. I like to grind the raw groats in a coffee grinder or high-speed blended for instant buckwheat flour. Perfect for Sunday morning pancakes.
  6. Almond milk - I always keep an extra container of unsweetened almond milk for the time I suddenly find myself in an almond milk emergency!
  7. Dates - A great snack any time of the day and my go-to sweetener for all my baked goods and breakfast treats.
  8. Teas - I’ve got so many! From rooibos to herbal chai, I have dozens of teas stashed in my pantry.
  9. Cinnamon - What’s not to love about this warming spice? My oats just aren’t my oats without it:)
  10. Braggs Aminos - Another one I’ve been loyal to since a teen. Great flavor on veggies, popcorn, and grains.
  11. Sun Warrior Protein Powder - Dedicated consumer. Can’t break away from the combination of quality, taste, and cost. Best vegan protein in my humble vegan opinion.
  12. Himalayan Sea Salt - Not only in my pantry but I also carry a salt shaker with me wherever I go!