Total Body Detox

Is it the cleanse we love, or just how we feel after?

I have yet to find a detox that I don't feel completely starved and unfilled with.  So INSTEAD on a DAILY basis I practice a few things that helps my bodies natural detoxification process.  We're human and can't be perfect therefore I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.  Eat clean, healthy, natural, whole foods, 80% of the time and allow yourself to "indulge" 20% of the time.  

You don't need to starve or deprive yourself to cleanse your body, here are some tips to help you detox on a daily basis.  

Eat Clean:
Simple speaking if nature didn't make it, toss it or eat less of it.

A lot of boxed cereals, snacks, granola bars and canned goods contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health.  When in doubt don't buy it.  Always looks for organic and items with the least amount of ingredients (preferably ones you can pronounce).


MSG- It's a super cheap additive that many food companies can use to enhance the flavor of cheap products.  Found mostly in salty foods, dips, and canned goods.  Side effects can include nausea, migraine, hives, headaches, asthma, and weight gain.

Sodium Benzoate- Found in sodas, fruit juices, baked goods, and salad dressings.  This preservative when broken down in the body is carcinogenic.  

Potassium bromate-  This wonderful chemical bleaches dough, and enhances its elasticity.  The end product is fluffy, soft and unnaturally white.  Banned in Europe, Canada, and Brazil…. and for good reason, it causes cancer in rats and mice.  But here in America we like to get things done fast and potassium  bromate is great at speeding up the leavening process thus increasing a higher quantity at a much faster speed.  There are a lot of bakeries and baked goods that are no longer using bromated flour, just do a little research before you buy it.  

Antibiotics-  Found in meat and dairy products.  They are used to kill bacteria and prevent infections mostly due to the unsanitary and inhumane conditions that animals are subject to.  In short? Ditch the dairy, or at the very least buy usda organic, grass fed beef, and free range whenever possible.

Breathe out toxins:

That's right the simple act of conscience deep breathing can actually help rid the body of toxins.  It brings vital oxygen to our cells, clears the lungs, helps ward off stress and get the toxins out through exhalation.

Try this exercise at home:

Dirga breath or three part breath-

1. Find a comfortable quiet place to sit.  You can sit on a pillow or blanket to prop the hips up a bit or you cab in a chair.

2. Begin by observing the natural inhalation and exhalation of your breath without changing anything (breathing solely through the nostrils).  If you find yourself distracted by the activity in your mind, try not to engage in the thoughts. Just notice them and then let them go, bringing your attention back to the inhales and the exhales.

3. Begin to deepen your breath breathing into the belly.  Feel the belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale.

4 Inhale. Gently now focus on drawing the breath from the belly to the rib cage as you inhale, exhale and let it go.

5.  Inhale. Breath into the belly- feeling the belly rise, then into the rib cage- feeling it expand and finally into the chest- feeling the chest rise. Exhale completely.

6 Continue this breath (for 5- 10 breaths) inhaling into the belly, rib cage and chest, and exhaling letting go of all that stale air.

Free the mind:

When we think of detoxing, mostly we think of our body, but what about our mind?  Detoxify the mind and let go of negative thoughts.  Your body can not differentiate between what you are thinking, and what is really happening.  Negative thoughts create stress on the body, and none of us need anymore of that.

Using your breath can be very powerful in drawing you back to the present moment.  Next time you notice thoughts that make you feel anything short of great, acknowledge them, and gently allow them to drift out with your next exhale.  This doesn't mean forget all your 'problems' but rather to notice unhealthy thought patterns that don't serve your well being.  Problem solving and negative thinking are completely different.  

Many great philosophers and public figures have written books, documentaries, and based their lives on the idea "Your thoughts create your world".  

In good health,