Yoga ... just do it

August 12th, 2013

Yoga is not just about stretching your muscles but also your fascia. What exactly is fascia some might wonder....

Fascia is densely woven, incredibly tough connective tissue that envelopes every organ, muscle, nerve, bone and vessel in the body. It is a single structure that exists from head to toe. You can think of fascia like a spider's web or sweater covering the entire internal body.
In its natural state, fascia is elastic, pliable, and relaxed. However, fascia often becomes constricted from traumas, accidents, repetitive motion, muscular weakness, or poor posture. When you chronically stress the fascia, through repetitive movement and heavy exercise (weight lifting, running, boxing, CrossFit anyone?) it can thicken in order to protect the underlying muscles. All of these are fantastic for your body, but you need to loosen and stretch as well. By combining these exercises with yoga it can create a dynamic, powerful workout for your body.

Yoga can help stretch and help alleviate tightness in the muscles and the fascia. Fascia tissue is harder to get to than muscles, which is why a yoga class can help to get deep into the fascia. By stretching the fascia you help increase your body's mobility and flexibility. Which in turn decreases room for injury and increase the potential you have in your work outs. If you love your workouts and you love your body, wouldn't you want to increase your potential for an even better work out?