Small Changes Make a Big Impact

August 22, 2013

We are so quick to "diet" and cut things out that we love, but the reality is we end up back where we started. Sometimes even worse off, as we kick ourselves further into the ground with defeating voices in our head saying "I can't do this, this sucks, I'm not good enough, oh well". I believe instead it's tiny adjustments day by day. As you begin to climb the ladder, things you thought you would never try, (like kale, or brussel sprouts, or green juices) well, they start to become a little more feasible. It's not so much taking stuff out of our diets, but rather adding things in. If we add in the healthy alternatives (that we actually enjoy) it's the simple act of crowding out the "bad" stuff.
If there's one good thing you do for your body today and everyday- drink more water. As cliche and repetitive it might sound, most of us do not drink nearly enough. Did you know that maintaining hydration can prevent premature aging, brighten skin, promote natural detoxification, eliminate pain and headaches, lessen hypertension, and promote weight loss. If you don't like the taste of water by itself or you need a little flavor, add your favorite fruits to it. One slice of lemon in water goes a long way...

Boosts the Immune system
High in vitamin C
Breaks down fatty deposits
Clears the skin
Aids in eliminating waste
Relieves bloating
Acts as a liver tonic and helps liver to produce bile

Drink up!

In good health,