5 tips || help you drop the holiday pounds + start the new year off right

1. Eat out less.  Studies show dining at home not only cuts calories but also helps to resist the urge to order alcohol & dessert.  When cooking at home you control the ingredients and portion when dining out, not so much.  Portions are much easier to be made smaller when dining at home vs. eating out. 
my advice:  print recipes that are simple and quick. Plan ahead and save leftovers for lunch the next day!

2. Shop smart, shop the perimeter.  Did you know that the middle aisles of a supermarket are usually filled with tempting processed and packaged foods.  Fresh fruits & veggies are usually located on the perimeter of the supermarket. Load up on greens and seasonal fruits. (shopping according to the season can help keep your wallet happy as well)
my advice:  load up on fresh veggies.  Their chock full of nutrients that will help satisfy and nourish your body. My favorite, cucumber.. my go to & a must have snack with hummus.

3.  Eat your breakfast.  It's getting tiresome to hear, however breakfast is what fuels your body and sets you up for the rest of the day.  Studies show if you start the day off healthy your less likely to binge throughout the day & breakfast helps keeps your blood sugar stable.   If breakfast isn't your thing, think of foods you would rather eat,  It doesn't have to be cereal, oatmeal or eggs.  Green smoothies are delicious, super easy, and filling.
my advice: test it out.  if breakfast isn't your thing bring some fresh fruit, veggies or nuts with you for when that mid morning hunger strikes. Oatmeal is my go to // it's filling, satiating, and keeps me satisfied until lunch.  Did I mention it takes 5 minutes to make.

4. Pantry makeover.  Clean out the foods you overindulge in.  It seems like a pretty 'well duh' idea but if you look in your cabinets you may be surprised as to how much junk you really don't need.  Cleaning out the pantry can help inspire healthy choices.  Replace the foods you dish with healthier options.
my advice: if you have a craving (sweet tooth for me), keep healthier options around.  For example I keep dark chocolate in my cabinet at all times.  I would rather reach for that then a processed cookie or other sweet.

5. Add don't subtract.  Load the veggies on the existing meals.  If you add on more vegetables they will help fill you up so you have less room for bread, or pasta, or chips.  Think in terms of replacing rather then removing.  So enjoy your favorite meals but get more bang for your meal.
my advice: pick the veggies you enjoy.  Don't fill up your plate with spinach if you know you hate it.  There are so many vegetables and oh so many ways to season them.  Cook what you love, with love.