King of the forest Chaga mushroom surely lives up to its name.  Offering a myriad of health benefits it’s truly no wonder why this ‘magic’ mushroom is becoming increasingly popular.  Far from magic Chaga’s health benefits are far-reaching and VERY real. 

‘Let food by thy medicine
and medicine be thy food’

Chaga mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that grows on birch trees in colder climates.  It has been widely used across Asia for quite some time and is now grabbing the attention of folks in Europe and America.

All hail chaga!
The myriad health benefits Chaga mushroom offers:

•     Chaga is considered an adaptogenic herb: meaning it supports the body in the ability to adapt to environmental factors & resist stress.

•    Research shows Chaga has anti-cancer & anti-tumor properties.  These properties can be attributed to something called beta-glucans and antioxidant melanin. You can read more about that  in this great read: Chaga: King of the medicinal mushroom by David Wolfe

•    Chagas beta glucans have been known to be anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, liver protective and immune supporting.

•    Rich in superoxide dismutase (an enzyme that repairs cells and reduces the damage done to them by superoxide, the most common free radical in the body). Chaga is one of the richest sources of this super antioxidant.  SOD is liver cleansing and cell membrane protective.

•    Youthful appearance and skin health is ubiquitous around the world. Chaga is loaded with melanin (it’s what give Chaga its dark appearance) & melanin works wonders on the skin.  Melanin enhances the appearance of hair, skin and eyes while helping to maintain a youthful appearance.  

•    Trace Minerals: Contains antimony, barium, bismuth, boron, chromium, copper, germanium, manganese, selenium, and zinc

•    Major Minerals: Contains calcium, cesium (highly alkaline), iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, rubidium (highly alkaline), silicon, and sulfur
We love Chaga so much and are firm believers that the more you get- the more you reap the benefits. I guess that’s why we decided in belongs in our Raw Chocolate Caramel Cup and Chocolate Chaga Bites ☺

When brewing Chaga for tea I strongly recommend keeping the water below boiling point, since bringing it to a full boil (too much heat) may destroy some of the beneficial nutrients.

Check out this website for some wild harvested Chaga!